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정다운展 :: Mixed Media
정다운(Jeong Daun)             
2017-09-26 2017-10-23
Open 0:00 ~ Close 24:00
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Untitled Document

『 정다운展 』

Jeong Daun Solo Exhibition :: Mixed Media

▲ 정다운

전시작가 정다운(Jeong Daun)
전시일정 2017. 09. 26 ~ 2017. 10. 23
관람시간 Open 00:00 ~ Close 24:00
∽ ∥ ∽
아트허브 온라인 갤러리(ARTHUB Online Gallery)
온라인 스페이스(Online Space)

‘Painting’ in 3D

Frank van der Ploeg

A painting as a window onto the world. In the tradition of realistic painting, an object made of canvas/panel and paint, and surrounded by a lovely frame, may ‘act as if it is so’. And so one can acquire the unattainable. In the tradition of art history, there was a lengthy evolution in which representation moved to abstraction, the frame disappeared and the object was allowed to be what it was. Daun Jeong’s textile objects fit into this same trajectory, and surpass the painting arts.

In the fairy tale of Rapunzel, an important part is played by a tower window. Indeed at this window frame lived our damsel in distress. She had been locked up since the age of 12 by an evil witch who was given the girl by the father in exchange for rampion salad leaves. The tower window is her view onto the outside world, which she manages to pull inside - by way of a handsome prince - by letting her long hair down for him to climb. Such theatrical inside-outside antics also relates to Fabric Drawing #43 by Daun Jeong(…., South Korea). From this ‘window frame’ hang three strips of fabric, much like Rapunzel’s hair.

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing-the flow of blue, Fabric
Frame Box, 100x160x80cm, 2017

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing #47
Fabrics, Colored Stripes, Frame, 90.0x72.7cm, 2017

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing #48
Fabrics, Colored Stripes, Frame, 90.0x72.7cm, 2017

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing #49
90.0x72.7cm, Fabrics, Frame, 2017

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing #2017-52
Fabrics, Frame, 60.6x121.2cm, 60.6x60.6cm, 2017

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing-Play Ground-Hide & Seek
Fabric, Frame, Installation, 2016

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing-감각의 전환, Fabric, Installation, 2017

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing-감각의 전환, Fabric, Installation, 2017

Stretching definitions

Upon closer examination, no abstracted representation of the fairy tale will be detected. The long strips of fabric are tightly plied around the frame and fall downward from behind. Viewed in this way, they wouldn’t dangle on the outside wall but along the inside, if we could see through the tower. Nonetheless, it is a fine example of Daun Jeong’s process; she paints with textile instead of paint and does so without a support. Here, the frame over which a blank canvas is normally stretched, becomes the framework for some very fluid brushwork. The brushstrokes are the skin and skeleton simultaneously.

For Daun Jeong this is at the core of all her work. Swap paint for textile and new worlds open up. She stretches and wraps strips and bands of fabric around wooden slats. The material folds around, swivels through, dives diagonally or plummets vertically… Jeong varies her fabrics so that she can play with texture, patterns, thickness and rigidity. With some stretchy textiles (such as sheer tights) she pulls apart parts of the material and a pattern of variables emerge within it.

All of her work gains a greater tactility than if it were executed in paint, and spatially there is more scope as well. A painting with a slash in it is either damaged or a Lucio Fontana. Jeong has a much richer toolbox for indentations and gashes.

Small works, neatly contained within their framework, alternate with large-scale objects in which the textile breaks free from the frame. But the frame, too, may move into the space and once she gets into the swing of it, her installations dominate the space. The possibilities are endless.

With merely her frames, fabrics and in particular her feel for tactility, colours, patterns and spatial awareness - the four pillars of her work - Daun Jeong manages to stretch the boundaries of both the painting and textile arts considerably.

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing #61
Fabrics, Frame, 60.6x60.6cm, 2017

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing #2017-53
Fabrics, Frame, 60.6x60.6cm, 2017

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing #2017-54
Fabrics, Frame, Installation, 2017

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing #2017-58
Fabrics, Frame, 26.0x27.3cm, 2017

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing-color play
Installation Art, Fabric, Frame, 2016

▲ 정다운, Fabric Drawing #2017-60
72.7x72.7cm, Fabrics, Frame, 2017

▲ 정다운, simple lines(series)
Fabrics, Colored Stripes, Frame, 60x100cm(each), 2016

정다운(Jeong Daun)

2015 동덕여자대학교 일반대학원 회화학과 서양화 전공 석사과정 수료
2013 동덕여자대학교 예술대학 회화과 서양화전공 졸업

2017 FABRIC DRAWING, Mods Gallery, 서울
2016 FABRIC DRAWING: Composition of Space,스페이스선+,서울
2016 FABRIC DRAWING-Stretched mind, l'espace 71, 서울
2015 FABRIC DRAWING, 동덕아트갤러리, 서울
2013 MOMENT, 니노셀린 Gallery cafe, 서울

2017 2017 Rijswijk Textile Biennial , MuseumRijswijk , 네덜란드
2017 Love & Stripe, AK gallery , 수원
2017 예술보다 근원적인 Before Art, Raw Drawing Gallery, 파주
2017 한.중 그룹전 LINE ,주 상하이 한국 문화원, 상하이, 중국
2017 건축이 된 예술:겹,쌈, Street Museum Special Exhibition, 예술통, 서울
2017 23.5°, 스페이스선+,서울
2017 선물 線, BNK 경남은행갤러리, 경남
2017 Wake Me Up ,히든엠 갤러리,서울
2016 Everyday Surroundings,키미아트갤러리,서울
2016 필동골목축제 예술통 ARTIST 100 Post-it Aution .예술통, 서울
2016 PROJECT ZEBRA, 대안공간 눈, 수원
2016 스트라이프 Stripe, 갤러리아 센터시티,천안
2016 'Cutting Edge _100', 서울옥션 S-SPACE(강남점) ,서울
2016 선_線Line Greetings From young Artists, 스페이스선+, 서울
2016 제 15회 서울옥션 ‘Cutting Edge_100’, 가나아트센터, 서울
2015 <쇼케이스-리뷰>展, 세종문화회관 광화랑, 서울
2014 The Exhibition of ART ULSAN 2014, 울산대공원, 울산
2014 제25회 木花展, 동덕미술관, 서울
2014 Mid Summer Night's, 동덕미술관, 서울
2013 GRID, 동덕미술관, 서울
2013 Bridge 展- 동덕. 성신여대 교류전, 동덕미술관, 서울
2013 DDWU & NTNU Art Exchange Exhibition, NTNU.Gallery, Taipei
2013 전국미술대학 우수 졸업작품 展, 갤러리 각, 서울
2012 제42회 동덕여자대학교 예술대학 회화과 졸업전시, 동덕아트갤러리, 서울

Awards & Others
2017 2017 Rijswijk Textile Biennial , MuseumRijswijk ,Netherland
Daun Jeong x Tom Ford Beauty Collabolation, artnow (아트나우)
2016 2016 KIMI FOR YOU 선정작가. 키미아트갤러리, 서울
갤러리탐 19기 선정작가. Fabric Drawing展 탐앤탐스 블랙 청담점,서울
The winner of l'espace 71 2016 YOUNG ARTIST COMPE, 레스빠스71
스페이스 선+ 2016 신진작가 (창작지원금선정작가), 스페이스 선+, 서울
7Pictures x ART.C company x정다운 'Fabric Drawing'展 , 서울
내 작품, 브랜드가 되다.
2017 소마드로잉센터 작가공모
2018 대청호미술관 전시지원 공.
2017년도 기업 메세나 맞춤지원 .
2017 제13회 대한민국소치미술대.
제12회 자생 동·식물 세밀화 공.
2017 소규모 브랜드 아트페어 <.
제2회 서리풀 ART for ART 대상.
2017 남원 사운드 아티스트 레지.
8회 광주여성영화제 포스터 이미.
청담동 갤러리 D'OR SPACE 조각,.
2017 갤러리이안 예술가지원 전.
챌린지(challenge)展_입체부분 .
제27회 한국여성미술공모전
스쾃성수에서 아트북 마켓 셀러.
‘짝퉁’ 누명 쓴 덕종어보
총리 “故천경자 유족 위로방안 .
“예술인 일자리 늘리고, 시민 .
'유네스코 인증서 분실·모조품 .
삼수 끝에 거머쥔 '메디치상'….
‘투어리즘’ 주제로 한 제.
부담스러운 뒤풀이 문화
낙후된 우리의 문화재 인식
공공미술 작품 '히어어스', 19일.
“제주도립미술관장 1년, 제주사.
각양각색 젊은 예술인이 말하는 .
道 건축물 미술작품 심의 ‘손바.
2017년 (사)한국사립미술관협회 .
2017 사립박물관 학예인력 지원.
㈜로렌스 제프리스 직원 채용 공.
2017 전국 공·사립(사립대학)박.
삼분의 이 아동청소년 예술교육 .
“왕이 사랑한 보물 – 독.
국립중앙박물관 "쇠,철,강 - 철.
제42회 대한민국전승공예대전 작.
한국문화재정책연구원 채용
제14차 세계유산도시기구 세계총.
2017년 한국만화박물관 10차 시.
서울특별시 일반임기제공무원 채.
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